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Potting Mix

Potting Mix

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Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch

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Landcaping Bark

Landscaping bark

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Organic Compost

Organic Compost

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We can also supply specialised custom potting mix and mulch compounds to meet specific customer's needs.

For example - due to new Zealand's highly varied climate, the potting mix that suits a perticular region in Napier may not be best suited to a grower's needs across on the other coast in Kapiti. Even quite local variations in temperature and rainfall can produce different requirements to provide the optimimum growing conditions.

One of our unique services is to provide a custom solution for your growing medium. I doesn't matter if you're a smaller contractor or a large commercial grower, Advanced Media Supplies is determined to grow a lasting relationship, so we listen to your needs and develop a unique product to suit.

Contact us to find out how we can supply you with an ideal potting mix, bark mulch,
landscaping bark or organic compost to your needs.



" potting mix we've ever used. Our tests show that AMS potting mix is the cleanest, most sterile, packaging free mix we have ever used. One call & it’s delivered... "

- Watson's Garden Centre

Testing & Standards

We adhere to Australian Standards for Composting (AS4454) which sets strict guidelines, and ensures a constant high quality.

Latest Media Test Results

Pathogen testing to Assure Quality standards

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