Advanced Media Supplies

Advanced Media Supplies are a manufacturer of high quality potting mix, bark mulch, landscaping bark and Biogrow certified organic compost.

We custom manufacture our potting mixes to your needs for no extra cost as New Zealand’s diverse climate means one potting mix doesn’t suit all areas and applications – even down to micro-climates within one small region…

We are big enough to supply in quantity but flexible enough to supply the potting mix to suit individual needs.

The bark in all our bark products is 100% Pinus Radiata and sourced locally from sustainably planted and harvested forests in New Zealand.

Our aim is to build long term relationships with our customers, especially those in the Hawkes Bay, Napier, Gisborne, Manawatu and Kapiti Coast regions as well as nurserys and landscaping contractors through the North Island.



" potting mix we've ever used. Our tests show that AMS potting mix is the cleanest, most sterile, packaging free mix we have ever used. One call & it’s delivered... "

- Watson's Garden Centre

Testing & Standards

We adhere to Australian Standards for Composting (AS4454) which sets strict guidelines, and ensures a constant high quality.

Latest Media Test Results

Pathogen testing to Assure Quality standards

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