Bark Mulch

Our mulch is 100% Pinus radiata bark, locally sourced from renewable supply. It is a shredded material that binds together well making it ideal for windy or exposed areas. The mulch will feed your soil as it beaks down.

Key Points

  • Mulching plants reduces moisture loss
  • Mulch builds organic matter in the topsoil
  • Mulch prevents weed growth
  • Encourages earthworm activity
  • Quantities from 1cubic meter sling bags to bulk truck & Trailer loads*

Shredded bark that is more elongated than nuggets this material is very stable in extreme weather conditions.

*We work with your existing transport operators or can organise transport for you..

Bark Mulch

Testing & Standards

We adhere to Australian Standards for Composting (AS4454) which sets strict guidelines, and ensures a constant high quality.

Latest Media Test Results

Pathogen testing to Assure Quality standards


PDF documentDownload our latest pathogen test results from our Bark samples



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