Landscaping Bark

Our Landscaping Bark is processed to a uniform size around 20mm and screened to remove large contaminates. It is the perfect product for gardens and flower beds, preventing weed growth and moisture loss.

Key Points

  • Landscaping bark reduces moisture loss
  • Landscape bark prevents weed growth
  • Encourages earthworm activity
  • Quantities from 1cubic meter sling bags to bulk truck & Trailer loads*

*We work with your existing transport operators or can organise transport for you..

Product Specifications

Screened through a 16mm screen with a largest size of 30mm this produces the perfect sized product for all gardens. Large enough not to blow or wash away but small enough for ease of handling.

Landscaping bark around flaxRed flax in our landscaping bark

Testing & Standards

We adhere to Australian Standards for Composting (AS4454) which sets strict guidelines, and ensures a constant high quality.

Latest Media Test Results

Pathogen testing to Assure Quality standards

Our Landscaping Bark is used exclusively by the Napier City CouncilNapier City Council

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