Potting Mix

To produce a high quality potting mix you must start of with high quality base material. We use only Pinus Radiata bark that has been composted and tested to exceed the Australian standards (AS4454).

Our composting process takes approx 3 months during which the moisture and temperature are carefully monitored to ensure optimum heat. It is a very stable and consistent base media .

Peat or Coir fibre can be added and we can source and supply any fertiliser brand recipe that you require or if you prefer we can consult with leading fertiliser manufactures and recommend a proven recipe to suit your requirements.

  • Quantities from 1cubic meter sling bags to bulk truck & Trailer loads*

*We work with your existing transport operators or can organise transport for you..

Product Specifications

0-16 C.A.N - (Coarse Mix - Tree & Shrub Planting)

Single screened through 16mm screen prior to composting. All material passes through a 16mm screen and placed into windrows for composting. Nitrogen source is added to stabilise the bark and reduce any drawdown. Temperatures are monitored with turning increased or delayed depending on readings, moisture is monitored on turning and adjusted to suit levels required for optimum composting. Average length of composting is 3 months. On completion it is sampled and tested for both nutrient levels and pathogen presence. This material is best suited for general potting mix and larger tree and shrub production.

0-12 C.A.N - (General Purpose Bedding Mix)

On completion of the 0-16mm grade we re screen through a 12mm screen. This material is best suited for general potting mix and bedding plants.

0-8mm C.A.N - (Seedling Mix)

On completion of the 0-16mm grade we re-screen through a 8mm screen. This material is best suited for seedling production and small delicate plants.
Seedlings in seed raising mixpotting mix for commercial growersseed raing mix for commercial growers
vegetable seedlings in our potting mixSpectacular Root Growth


"...best potting mix we've ever used. Our tests show that AMS potting mix is the cleanest, most sterile, packaging free mix we have ever used. One call & it’s delivered... "

- Watson's Garden Centre

Testing & Standards

We adhere to Australian Standards for Composting (AS4454) which sets strict guidelines, and ensures a constant high quality.

Latest Media Test Results

Pathogen testing to Assure Quality standards

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